YP Letters: How many previous votes would meet a flawless standard?

From: Robert Bottamley, Thorn Road, Hedon.

What now for Brexit after this week's Parliamentary votes?

RICHARD Kimble is wearied by assertions that the EU referendum was a democratic vote (The Yorkshire Post, January 14).

For a legitimate ballot, your corespondent requires (i) campaigns based on truthful and accurate information, (ii) the ethical conduct of campaigners and (iii) campaigns focused on issues, not personalities.

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All very laudable. But which past election campaign ever fulfilled his criteria? I cannot recall one. And how many of these subsequently flawed elections ever came to be re-run? In fact, even where electoral corruption was established, the result has been permitted to stand – on grounds that the outcome was judged to be unaffected.

From: Alan Chapman, Bingley.

THE unelected House of Lords (The Yorkshire Post, January 14) attempting to force an unwanted election of the electorate will lead to the death knell of British democracy.

A second EU referendum in these circumstances will be too much to bear for the majority of voters. The Lords never have to answer to the public for their decisions, while the MPs in the Commons have to risk their seats and livelihoods.

From: Allen Jenkinson, Milnsbridge, Huddersfield.

THE EU is trying to force Britain into staying in against its wishes. Britain doesn’t need the EU, the EU needs Britain or, to put it another way, British taxpayers’ money.

Britain is not only the second largest contributor to the EU’s funds, but it is a net contributor. It pays in more than it gets back. Mrs May should should play hard ball and take this country out of the EU without an agreement, and let them come cap in hand.

From: JA King, Thurgoland, Sheffield.

HAVE you noticed that it is only the Remoaners who are shouting for a second referendum because they could not accept the democratic voice of the majority?

The only way to get a good deal is to leave with a no deal. I agree that that is not the best deal for us, but it is an even worse deal for Germany amd the EU.

From: Andrew Mercer, Guiseley.

AFTER this week’s events, isn’t it time for another vote of no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn? He has to be the worst Opposition leader in memory.