YP Letters: I want a democracy where my voice really counts

From: Alec Denton, Guiseley.

Houses of Parliament

I read with interest the thoughts of Lord Wallace (The Yorkshire Post, August 31) regarding the loss of true democracy in the UK over the last 50 years, during which centralisers, primarily from the South East and from both main parties, have dominated political thinking and seriously diminished local democracy. My home district has gone down from 26 local councillors plus a county councillor to just three city councillors, moving the emphasis very clearly away from local and regional issues to a narrow city focus, where our representatives will always be outvoted by inner-city interests regardless of the party they represent. It is hardly surprising therefore that other than those who see it as a career, people are turning away from politics.

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I believe the majority of British citizens are neither extreme Left or Right and one has to wonder what is truly democratic about the ‘‘first past the post’’ systems favoured by those who believe in ‘‘strong’’ government, but which leave many voters feeling their vote has been wasted. I prefer to live in a country where I can believe my voice actually counts.

Although I am sure that someone will write in to say we have a democracy because we have a vote, after the last 50 years and looking at the possibilities for the near future, I will take some convincing.