YP Letters: If politicians are jailed for lying, it should apply to all sides

From: MP Laycock, Wheatlands Road East, Harrogate.

Did Brexiteers like Boris Johnson mislead voters?

ALAN Sugar wants our people’s referendum to be re-run for “misrepresentation”. I am sure that, if his side had won, he would have been firmly against such a second vote (The Yorkshire Post, October 29).

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When Lord Sugar advocates jailing politicians for lying, will that apply to Remainers as well as to Leavers?

As a head of state, President Obama would enjoy diplomatic immunity, but what of so many others?

From: Alan Machin, Doncaster.

TO have MPs “imprisoned or at least prosecuted” for telling lies would result in many members of the current Parliament being locked up because both the main parties stood on manifestos which promised to implement the referendum result.

There are MPs on both sides who are trying to do the opposite, and in some countries they would have been locked up following a military coup. What makes me smile is that they are not even allowed to call each other liars when they clearly are.

From: Keith Turnbull, Ryton Way, Doncaster.

I DON’T see why all the objectors to Brexit, which was based on a truly democratic vote, keep quiet when our general election process is so far from representative when allocating seats. In the 2017 election, there was a turnout of around 69 per cent of which 42 per cent voted Conservative, 40 per cent Labour and 18 per cent Others. Seats won were 317 Conservative, 262 Labour and 71 Other. Based on the percentage vote, Conservatives would have got 275 seats and Labour 260. Taking into account the 31 per cent who didn’t vote, we have a party in power who represent only 27.5 per cent of the electorate.

From: Alan Chapman, Beck Lane, Bingley.

I THANK The Yorkshire Post for its comprehensive coverage of the Budget offered by the Chancellor (October 30). I found it the biggest bribe offered to the public for many years – a Budget at the 11th hour of the Brexit process to sell a pup! He and the Remain Conservative Party Establishment have engineered the change that clarifies their plan to substantially dilute the intended meaning of the majority vote to leave the EU, not to cosy up to it via a soft Remain option that is being imposed on the UK public. This is an utter disgrace!