YP Letters: It's time we were told the full costs of hosting cycle events

From: Stuart Bell, Harrogate.

How much will taxpayers have to pay when cycling's UCI World Championships comes to Yorkshire next year?

I AM sure that virtually all serious road cyclists in the country are delighted at the prospect of Yorkshire, especially North Yorkshire and the Harrogate area, hosting the UCI World Road Cycling Championships in September 2019.

The festival of cycling should bring a significant economic boost to the area, especially for hotels, restaurants and car parks, perhaps less so for our independent shop retailers.

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Although some of the event’s delivery costs will be shared 
with other Yorkshire local authorities, it is important that both our local councils are fully transparent about the range of costs shared with other local authorities as well as those exclusive costs allocated to 
North Yorkshire County Council and Harrogate Borough 
Council budgets for 2019-20 concerned with hosting the championships.

It would be interesting to know the local organisational structure associated with organising these championships and the budget headings for such items as hospitality, road resurfacing requirements on the “finishing circuit” and race-day preparation, management of road furniture as well as health and safety.

Even now there must already be a budget in place and, as budget estimate time approaches, it is reasonable that council tax payers understand the contents and know the emerging true costs to the local community of hosting these championships.

From: Paul Ashfield, Harrogate.

IN response to Sharon Gladish (The Yorkshire Post, October 8), cyclists should be wearing hi-visibility jackets so motorists can easily see them.

Most cyclists wear dark colours that are not readily seen in dark conditions, twilight or at night. The front of trains, and construction equipment etc. are painted bright yellow and workers wear hi-vis jackets to reduce accidents.

I have suggested cycling clubs and bodies look at the benefits of wearing hi-vis jackets, but have never seen any response.

Perhaps Sir Gary Verity of Welcome to Yorkshire, and road safety bodies, have an opinion. It would be nice to hear.

From: Edward Grainger, Botany Way, Nunthorpe, Middlesbrough.

UNTIL Sir Gary Verity brings the Tour de Yorkshire north of Whitby, his now well famous cycle race could be classified as Tour de Parts of Yorkshire.