YP Letters: Keep controlfreaks away from meat

From: Peter Horton, Sandy Lane, Ripon.

Should there be a tax on meat to improve the nation's health?
Should there be a tax on meat to improve the nation's health?

I SEE that the control freaks are at it again, this time wanting to put a tax on meat (The Yorkshire Post, November 7). These unbelievable people are claiming that such an imposition could prevent 222,000 deaths a year and save over £30bn in care costs.

How can they possibly produce such figures on the basis of their research when there is an infinite variety of people and a wide spectrum of diets and reactions to diet?

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The World Health Organisation targets processed meats and then says even unprocessed meats are “probably” cancer-causing; not a very precise statement to support these apparently precise figures.

Reading the labels of many processed foods other than meat reveals a bewildering array of apparent chemical ingredients which must be more suspect in health terms than a piece of fresh natural meat properly cooked. This is where the WHO should turn its fire.

Staying safe on bicycles

From: John Laird, Harrogate.

THE most important thing for a cyclist is to be seen. While a hi-vis jacket certainly helps, there are circumstances in which it does not ensure safety.

When overtaking a cyclist, a hi-vis jacket is almost horizontal so does not show up well.

As a wide gap has to be maintained when overtaking a cyclist, cars are forced over the middle of the road.

A cyclist approaching from the other direction is virtually invisible and thus at risk either of a collision or being affected by the car’s slipstream.

To be seen, a flashing red rear light and a flashing white front light on a cycle catches a driver’s eye and enables safe overtaking. Some helmets incorporate such lights.

For a few pounds safety can be vastly improved.

Support the rail guards

From: Ruth Mersereau, Sheffield Green Party.

READERS may need to be reminded why RMT members are striking to keep guards on trains.

They seek your support for this RMT Guard Guarantee: “The loss of my guard will mean that I will no longer have the guarantee of a member of staff to protect passenger safety and act in emergencies such as derailments, evacuation, fires and driver incapacity. My Guard Guarantee also means there is always a member of staff to provide advice and assistance and to allow disabled passengers to embark and disembark at unstaffed stations.”

Northern accuse the RMT of cynically targeting strike actions to coincide with Christmas events. I note that Northern and other rail companies want to cynically put passenger safety and accessibility at risk purely to maximise their profits.

Why is diesel so expensive?

From: JA King, Thurgoland, Sheffield.

CAN anyone please explain why diesel is more expensive in the UK than I found on a recent trip to Ireland (Dublin) where diesel was 1.419 euros and unleaded was 1.499 euros?

This equates to unleaded at 130.0p and diesel 123.5p. Current average retail prices in the UK are unleaded 130.0p and diesel 136.8p. Is it that the tax regime is different in the UK to Ireland – or is it the oil companies just ripping us off again?

Paving way for Sarah

From: Judy Burdass, Octon, Driffield.

I READ the very encouraging and welcome articles (The Yorkshire Post, November 8) regarding Sarah Gordy who has recently been awarded the MBE for her acting prowess. Brilliant!

But she is not the first Downs Syndrome lady to receive this award. Way back in 1998-99, Susan Jennifer Pipes, a gymnast with the Special Olympics City of Hull Group, received this award for her services to disability sport. Among many of her achievements was winning five gold medals at the Special Olympic World Games in Connecticut in 1995.

Remember VC heroes

From: Neil Fahey, Shillbank View, Mirfield.

YOU fail to mention two Yorkshiremen from Dewsbury who were awarded the Victoria Cross in the First World War (The Yorkshire Post, November 6).

Private Horace Waller was killed in France in 1917 and was posthumously decorated. Sergeant John Willie Ormsby received the Victoria Cross in 1917. He survived the war, and died in 1962. Both men have roads named after them on the site of the former Crown Flatts Rugby stadium, the former home of Dewsbury RLFC.

Fracking war

From: Mrs Dinah Annabel Holt, Stillington Road, Easingwold, York

MY birth was during the Second World War. My parents endured both wars. My father Lieutenant Colonel Percy Legard was given the initial command of Number 4 Commando. He would have been against the destruction of the British Isles by fracking and I wish to convey to whom it may concern my absolute opposition.

Wrong Blair

From: Iain Morris, Caroline Street, Saltaire, Bradford.

THE recent photograph of Tony Blair on your letters page (The Yorkshire Post, November 5) seems a world away from the ebullient young family man who swept to power in a landslide.