YP Letters: Leave voters must accept consequences of their decision

From: Megan Parker, Bradford.

What now for the countryside in Brexit Britain?

I SEE the farming community are already crying out about their lost funding from the EU. The NFU advised them to vote to Remain but they believed Boris Johnson (now back tracking on his promises) and voted to Leave.

They will have to accept the decision they made and take their changes like the rest of us. If there is no money, there will be no funding so they will have to stand on their own two feet and get on with it.

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From: Michael Dennis, Ripon.

DOES anyone find it a little strange that so many people were persuaded to vote ‘Leave’, having listened to the pronouncements of three principal speakers, including Boris Johnson, (an Old Etonian ‘posh boy’), who has previously spoken at length of his Turkish ancestry, and Gisela Stuart, who was known as Giesla Gschaider when she was born in Bavaria. She originally came to the UK to study and improve her English, before deciding to live here permanently.

Also there was Andrea Leadsom, who spent many years working in investment banking – a profession much derided in recent years.

From: Nigel Bywater, Oak Grove, Morley, Leeds.

AT a time when both the main political parties are in meltdown, the Liberal Democrats have had a rush of new members, over 7,000 since the EU referendum. The Liberal Democrats are a pro-EU party and welcome others of the same mind.

From: Francesca Williamson, North Close, Leeds.

THE unedifying performance of Nigel Farage in the European Parliament following the referendum did little to promote the UK’s position in discussions with the EU. That said, statements made by EU officials could make his reaction and posture understandable if not necessarily acceptable.

If anyone had any doubt about the wisdom of voting for Brexit, then this undemocratic arrogance is the clearest indication we have ever had that the EU is the new Empire controlled by an undemocratic, self-perpetuating oligarchy.

From: Nick Wright, Wolfreton Lane, Willerby, Hull.

I AM getting very frustrated by the outpourings about the referendum. In a democratic referendum a result of 50 per cent plus one is a win or lose depending on which side you are sitting. No ifs, no buts. How dare people suggest that we need a re-run until we get the “right” result.