YP Letters: Leaving EU can only benefit our trade with United States

From: Thomas W. Jefferson, Batty Lane, Howden, Goole.

US President Barack Obama waves as he departs from London Stansted Airport following his visit to the UK.

YOUR Westminster Correspondent Kate Proctor (The Yorkshire Post, April 23) reports President Obama as warning that “Britain should not assume it could trade easily with the United States if it leaves the EU” and says that he poured scorn on the “assumption that the US would continue 
to be a willing trading partner” with us.

Such comments are “over the top” and the reality is that if we leave the EU, our trading relationship will continue exactly as it does now, without any kind of trade agreement. It will be mutually beneficial and result in a useful and much needed trade surplus for us every year.

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Only when the US/EU trade agreement comes into being, probably not for some years, will it have any bearing on our trading, by which time the terms of trade for all parties will have changed. If, as expected, the pound declines in value it could give us a benefit that offsets any tariff disadvantage.

From: Jeremy Law, Sutton-in-Craven, Keighley.

SO much for our “special relationship”. The US President should have been absolutely neutral, confirming the choice was entirely in the hands of the British public and proclaiming the United States would give their 100 per cent support to their British friends (so-called) whatever the outcome of the referendum.

His outburst is offensive and damaging to our relationship with America and I’m quite certain the vast majority of American citizens would agree.

From: Ian Pawson, Essex Street, Barnoldswick.

I HAVE to admit I am undecided on whether we should be in or out of the EU, primarily on the basis that both sides of the debate have yet to actually come up with proper reasons.

I am fed up though with the constant reference from your readers that our poor NHS, schools, wages, housing and jobs are all the fault of the EU.

The EU offered to pay for the cost of the flood damage that the country suffered during the winter, all they asked was for a breakdown on the cost and that still hasn’t been presented.

So to those who think that the country will somehow become a green and pleasant land when or if we leave the EU, I do hope for your sakes that it does.

To be honest I doubt it as more and more services are cut, and more and more workers’ rights are lost to the big businesses that support the Conservatives.