YP Letters: Left fuming by lack of ambition on transport in Leeds

From: D Angood, Leeds.

Is enough being done to combat gridlock - and pollution - in Leeds? One reader does not think so.

ONCE again we see the ineptitude in decision-making by Leeds City Council with regard to transport.

One decision is to create a clean air zone bounded by the outer ring road and the motorways.

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Then they decide on another measure that will create more stagnant and slow-moving traffic (A61). It is common knowledge that more emissions are created when vehicles move off from stationary than by already flowing traffic.

The proposed measures on the A61 will produce effects akin to the A647 since the introduction of the silly Cycle Superhighway.

Now, if there is a stationary vehicle on the carriageway, there is insufficient room to overtake so traffic has to queue behind.

I have seen vehicles into double figures queueing, unable to overtake.

They all then move off emitting double the dose of pollutants that would have ensued had they been able to continue travelling. So much for clean air! The citizens of Leeds and surrounding areas are tired of the “sticking plaster” mentality of the council when major surgery is needed.

Yes, major surgery will be expensive but the council seem lacking in expertise and ambition where transport is concerned.