YP Letters: Left undermines fight to free Britain from foreign tyranny

From: Louis Kasatkin, Wakefield.

Border controls are integral to the Brexit debate.

THERE is a hostile foreign power at work in our country endeavouring to undermine the Government and our democratic politics.

This foreign power has been allowed to do its work for the last 40 odd years with the active collaboration of many of our own elected politicians who, by and large, failed to defend and uphold the ancient rights and liberties of the British people.

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By great good fortune, the referendum on EU membership went against all experts’ expectations and delivered a verdict that the UK leave the EU.

Having agreed beforehand that all parties accept the outcome as binding, the Labour Party, in particular, has spent its time deliberately undermining the legitimacy of the referendum result and the process of withdrawal itself.

The calculated and cynical media onslaught against the all those who voted Leave has been the most egregious display of political hate-mongering since Germany in the 1930s. Yet, Brexit continues apace. By the end of March 2019, we will have left the dysfunctional EU globalist tyranny. And the greatest post-war anti-democratic conspiracy ever mounted by the metropolitan elites will have failed.

From: The Rev Neil McNicholas, Yarm.

MAYBE I’m missing something here, but it is incredible to see the UK kow-towing to the EU over Brexit.

If you are working for a company and hand in your notice, the company knows that it has a week or a month or whatever the period is to either find someone else to take your place or to divide the work you have been doing between the other employers. They don’t penalise you for leaving or make you pay the costs involved in finding a replacement.

So why are we tolerating the efforts of the EU to punish the UK for having what they see as the audacity to leave? That was our democratic choice and we have given the EU the required notice. Au revoir, mes amis.

From: Hugh Rogers, Messingham Road, Ashby.

I DO not know why people voted to leave Europe, but more to the point, nor does Jayne Dowle (The Yorkshire Post, October 23). Conjecture is not “evidence”

I know why I voted to leave and the politicians and non-elected commissars of the EU, by their petulance and arrogant attitude to the Brexit talks, confirm the wisdom of my original decision.