YP Letters: Looking foolish over success of Donald Trump

From: Dick Lindley, Altofts, Normanton.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign stop.

SO DONALD Trump has virtually made the Republican nomination against all odds and despite the fact that lefties all over the world have sought to thwart the wishes of the ordinary people of the US by deriding both him and his policies.

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Ironically it would seem that the socialists and the left- leaning Conservatives were mistaken because their vitriolic attacks on Donald Trump have had no effect whatsoever. Indeed they may have actually increased his popularity in middle America and increased Mr Trump’s chances of being the next President of the US and – consequently – the next leader of the free world. I will be interested to observe Mr Cameron’s reaction to this news. He launched into a totally unstatesmanlike, inappropriate and deeply offensive attack on Mr Trump’s integrity in the House of Commons recently and yet on almost the following day he effusively welcomed President Obama who had the temerity to interfere in our affairs by suggesting to the British people that they were better off being enslaved by the unelected and unelectable EU commissars.

The PMis going to look stupid and embarrassed when President Donald Trump wants to make a state visit to the UK, and so he should.