YP Letters: Majority of Leave voters knew what they were voting for over Brexit

From: Richard Hopwood, The Spinney, Brighouse.

Should there be another referendum over EU membership?
Should there be another referendum over EU membership?

DAVID BEHRENS is a talented and original writer. So it was disappointing to see him repeating the tired old battle-cry of those demanding a second EU referendum that, in 2016, none of us knew what we were voting for (The Yorkshire Post, January 5).

I have yet to encounter anyone using this phrase who would actually change their vote in any new referendum. Indeed, almost all those who say this were, and still are, Remain voters. In other words, what they are saying is not “we didn’t know what we were voting for” but “you didn’t know what you were voting for”.

This is a condescending message. I am willing to bet, however, that the vast majority of those of us who voted Leave had an extremely clear idea of what we were voting for. We wanted Britain to leave an institution which, while set up with the intention of spreading international harmony, has become wasteful, inefficient, intolerant, inward-looking and unaccountable. And the fact that Theresa May’s government has made such a hash of negotiating Britain’s departure does not change any of that by one iota.

From: Nick Martinek, Briarlyn Road, Huddersfield.

THE fundamental problem is that our MP “representatives” do not represent us. What I expected after our Leave win on June 23, 2016, was that I would retire from politics and trust Parliament to implement our vote. Some hope.

What we’ve had is most MPs totally ignoring our vote, and brazenly taking back the right to make the decision about the UK’s relationship with the EU. Unless we actually leave the EU properly, our democracy is finished.

From: Trevor Mumford, Rutland Drive, Harrogate.

AS the country appears to be governed by pronouncements from the platform of the Andrew Marr Show and articles in national newspapers, and given the puerile standard of Parliamentary debate, perhaps the time has come to accept this situation as the new form of government. This would allow the overpaid, expenses-guzzling lobby fodder currently masquerading as ‘Honourable Members’ to be dispensed with and the Palace of Westminster converted to provide affordable housing, all a considerable saving to the hapless taxpayer.

From: Brian Sheridan, Sheffield.

ARE courageous Anna Soubry’s far-right tormentors stupid as well as frightening (The Yorkshire Post, January 9)? Surely if she were a Nazi, as they claim, she would be one of their own.