YP Letters: MP backed ruinous policy of sidelining coal

From: Ron Firth, Campsall.

Don Valley MP Caroline Flint.

I NEVER cease to be amazed at Caroline Flint’s ability (The Yorkshire Post, December 2) to criticise the Government’s energy policy while ignoring, possibly because of modesty, her own significant part in supporting Ed Miliband in his quest to promote on-shore wind farms and phase out the cheapest, and most reliable energy source i.e. coal.

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The introduction of carbon levy taxes on coal-generated energy and the ridiculously high subsidies thrown at on-shore wind systems for producing unreliable, minimal supplies of energy, and significant compensation payment made for energy produced and unsaleable, signalled the gradual demise of the coal industry.

This, despite the fact that coal-fired stations would have to stand ready for the many occasions when wind energy was not available which merely reduced the efficiency of coal- fired stations and increased their carbon emissions.

The EU referendum showed, particularly in this area, how out of step our local MPs and councillors were with their constituents and, it would appear, Ms Flint has still not taken this on board.