YP Letters: MPs demand vote while handing over sovereignty to EU

From: Simon Barber, Digley Road, Holmbridge, Holmfirth.

Britain is in the grip of a Brext tug-of-war between Leave and Remain supporters.

THE arrogant hypocrisy of those Remainer MPs insisting Parliament should have a vote on the deal to exit the EU is breathtaking. They go on about the sovereignty of Parliament when they are more than happy to hand over more and more powers to the EU.

An undemocratic organisation ruling by directives issued by Jean-Claude Juncker, who flouts due process to appoint his cronies to positions of power. And the so-called EU Parliament does nothing.

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The surrender of powers to the EU may even have contributed to the Grenfell Tower disaster as they included the Construction Products Regulations with which UK Building Regulations must comply.

In its obsession with climate change, the EU issued a directive for cladding tall buildings stressing thermal efficiency and, to some extent, neglecting fire safety – in particular the “chimney effect”. UK governments were aware of the deficiency but did nothing about it. Even if they wanted to, they could not do anything unilaterally. However the EU, having responsibility for the CPR, failed to take proper care when devising them.

From: PJ Blackshaw, Cleckheaton.

THE arrogance of John Cole (The Yorkshire Post, June 15) is quite astounding. To say that people have now realised that their initial choice was poor is rude to the point of insulting to those who still believe that leaving the EU is the best result for Great Britain.

He says the emerging evidence against leaving is compelling. Where is this evidence? Employment at its highest level for decades, foreign companies are investing money in manufacturing in this country, and many British companies’ order books are showing no sign of reducing. The pound is holding steady.

Accept it Mr Cole. Things didn’t go the way you wanted but that is no reason to denigrate those people who made the right decision and vote to leave.

From: Arthur Quarmby, Mill Moor Road, Meltham.

THE countries of Europe are behaving as though the migration of the peoples of Africa into Europe is temporary, whereas it seems to me that it is going to both continue and accelerate. It will only slow down when the countries of Africa become wealthy and prosperous – or when Europe becomes impoverished or war-torn.