YP Letters: MPs have a responsibility to honour Brexit vote

From: Paul Emsley, Hellifield.

Theresa May survived this week's confidence vote - but what are the consequences for Brexit?
Theresa May survived this week's confidence vote - but what are the consequences for Brexit?

I VOTED to remain, but the result of the referendum was to leave the EU, so let the United Kingdom do so.

Any arrangement to leave is not going to satisfy everybody, but we need to tell everybody what the future ‘rules of engagement’ are, including industrial, commercial and 
social standards and migration, trading and judicial 

All the uncertainty of the last two years has not been beneficial to anybody, and that uncertainty has been the responsibility of our MPs who now need to take their responsibility for taking this country out of the European Union in March 2019 seriously. So, get on with it!

From: Mrs K Edgell, Brockenhurst, Hampshire.

AS a member of Animal Christian Concern for many years, I would like to add to May Tripp’s obituary (The Yorkshire Post, December 6) a mention of her sterling work with the EU, in particular her speech in 2003 to the Convention on the Future of Europe in Strasbourg.

Welcoming the Amsterdam Protocol on Animal Welfare which had only recently recognised animals as sentient beings, she called for laws to protect them, based upon the principles of compassion and care, to be enacted and enforced across the whole European Union.

The Amsterdam Protocol was accepted and upgraded to an Article in the 2009 Treaty of Lisbon.

I know May would want us to ensure that governments both within and outside the EU do not forget the principles agreed at that time!

From: Coun Tony Galbraith (Con), Elloughton, Brough.

DR Richard Vautrey (The Yorkshire Post, December 12) resurrects the spectre of the withholding of medical supplies in the event of a clean Brexit.

This seems implausible. The NHS, directly or indirectly, spends many millions of pounds annually on medical supplies from EU sources. These suppliers are certain to want to keep the custom.

The threat of withholding medical supplies strikes me as being close to blackmail. I strongly suspect that it is not the EU suppliers themselves who are guilty of this disgraceful behaviour but our very own Europhiles.

From: Roy Turner, Upper Cumberworth, Huddersfield.

WHAT don’t MPs understand? The country voted out. Clearly. All MPs should support this decision or stand down.

We want out. No payment. No conditions. No deals until after we’ve left, then we deal for what suits Britain!

The EU is terrified of us leaving – it will be dissaster for them without our payments!

We’re Britain. We will make it work and come good.

From: Janet Berry, Barfield, Hambleton.

THERESA May is the best of a bad bunch. I feel ashamed to be a Tory when I watch the disgraceful behaviour of her MPs. They would risk Jeremy Corbyn and

John McDonnell taking power. As for Boris Johnson, it takes more than a subdued haircut to make a leader. Absolutely pathetic!

Town needs Post Office

From: Keith Sangster, Whin Bank, Scarborough.

A POST office and a pub have for centuries been the hub of the community, up and down the country.

Whilst Scarborough has many pubs and hopefully this will continue, it only has one Crown Post Office and to remove it purely to support a different commercial enterprise can only be seen as a wilful act of vandalism.

I contacted Robert Goodwill MP to express my concerns about the possible loss of the Post Office and was, to say the least, astonished by his reply. He said that he is pleased the Post Office is moving into WH Smith.

It is indefensible that Mr Goodwill supports the propping up of a commercial outlet at the expense of a public service.

Mr Goodwill’s statement is questionable: “That is why I am pleased the Post Office are moving in there and will provide excellent facilities and also have longer opening hours, including Sunday.”

This suggests to me that Mr Goodwill appears to be privy to information that implies this whole matter has progressed much further than is currently being purported in the consultation.

Right attitude for high street

From: Mrs Mary Tyler, Highland Close, Pontefract.

THE high street might survive just that bit longer if more stores employed staff with the same attitude as the young lady stacking shelves in Home Bargains in Pontefract last Saturday.

“Good morning, everyone!” she called as I and other shoppers entered the store. “Come in out of the cold.”

This cheery and unexpected greeting made my day and left a smile on everyone’s face, and they are assured of my custom in future.

A welcome sign to past times

From: Mr GA Hall, Leeds.

WITH regards to the campaign for a ‘Welcome to Hunslet’ sign, the name Hunslet is probably more well known than Leeds in some parts.

This is because the locomotive manufacturer of Hunslet exported many steam and diesels worldwide.

The total number of locos built by Kitson, Manning Wardle, Hudswell Clark and the Hunslet Engine Company was greater than other workshops like Doncaster, Swindon, Crewe, Derby etc.

These locos had works plates fitted, stating Leeds or Husnlet. This industry has vanished in Hunslet (how sad). A sign would be appropriate.