YP Letters: Never mind the wreckers '“ Brexit means get on with it

From: David E Fletcher, Cragg Vale, Hebden Bridge.

Will the Brexit vote be respected?

I FEEL I must support Sir Bernard Ingham, (The Yorkshire Post, November 30), my contemporary fellow pupil at Hebden Bridge Grammar School in his dig at the unrepresentative but active totalitarians of the town for the unfair treatment he received from their tongues.

However, he is also justified in drawing our attention to the much more serious threat posed by the political, professional and social so-called elites refusing to accept the straightforward democratic decision of the people in true EU style.

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The margin of 52 to 48 may seem narrow, but a four per cent gap is significant and if one strips out Scotland and Northern Ireland where particular regional factors blurred the result, the gap is even more convincing.

If Brexit means Brexit, we should get on with it. Nothing is more damaging than delay and uncertainty amidst attempts by would-be wreckers to destabilise planning.

Home-grown politicos, miffed at having their views disregarded, can be given their discussions, debates and decisions by the prompt launch of the proposed Great European Repeal Act to bring all EU citizenship issues into UK law, depriving no-one of anything until each has been given due consideration by our elected worthies to be accepted, rejected or fudged as they choose. It could be like the Corn Laws all over again.

Meanwhile, Article 50 could then be immediately triggered without waiting for ponderous legal contests.

Further than this, we could side-step the peevish ‘Junckerish’ hard lines currently being prepared with glee by some of the other 27 by announcing that we did not wish to negotiate.

Given that Brexit means Brexit, we don’t wish to 
waste the time on predictable wrangles but prefer to immediately step outside the restricting EU tariff barriers in favour of developing other offers already on the table.

As one of the world’s major trading nations, it will not take us seven years to build new one to one links, in contrast to the cumbersome 27 to one performance of the EU.

This would nicely turn 
the tables on the revenge 
seekers among the other 27. They would have to decide, all 27 of them, how they wished to negotiate with us while we, as a confident and newly independent power, could respond as we wished, manipulating our regulations, tariff and taxation levels, and currency exchange rate to counteract any threats to our prosperity.