YP Letters: NHS will pay penalty for no-deal Brexit

From: Mrs S Galloway, Stirrup Close, Harrogate.

Will Brexit be good for Britain?

CHANCELLOR Philip Hammond has set aside £6.2bn for a no-deal Brexit.

This money could have been used to provide for an extra 91,000 nurses; 78,000 doctors; 84,000 hip replacements; 91,000 paramedics and much more, including the new mental health hospital in Harrogate, which will now not be built, plus a further 11 new hospitals. Additionally, £85m is being cut from the public health service. So, if you voted leave, and you find that your operation is cancelled or you have difficulty seeing a doctor, look in the mirror and ask yourself who is to blame.

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From: Peter Hyde, Driffield.

KNOWING someone who works for the NHS, and listening to their stories, it is clear the main problem is that there are too many managers and not enough front line nursing staff.

Management takes up far too much of the available funding and creates its existence. A complete reorganisation is required and a major reduction in paper/computer recording is required. Go back to matrons being in charge.

From: SK Pace, Hornsea, East Yorkshire.

MAY I suggest that our elected representatives immediately return to Westminster and stay there, without the prying eye of TV cameras, and work this crisis through?

As a further incentive, perhaps their salaries should be suspended until they come up with a solution. And while there, in light of the news about cost overruns on Crossrail, maybe they should cancel HS2 and use the funding to improve the road and rail networks of the North.

Well, it’s nice to dream!

From: James Bovington, Church Grove, Horsforth, Leeds.

SO unofficial Labour leader Len McCluskey and his Leninist sidekick Jeremy Corbyn have decided that the isolationist Brexit project will not be stopped, despite the fact that an overwhelming majority of both party members, and Labour voters, support at least giving the people a final say to determine if the exit deal should be accepted, or if we should remain EU members.

Perhaps it really is mainly an age thing. I work with young people so I am possibly to an extent immune but I fail to begin to understand why so many older people join Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn in callously and casually throwing away the wonderful freedom of movement which I, and so many much younger people, cherish.

From: Susan Dennis, Ripon.

I AM pleased to see that at least one member of the Cabinet, Amber Rudd, has commented on Jean-Claude Juncker’s appalling behaviour when he greets female visitors and colleagues!

We have all seen him kiss and fondle senior political figures at the meetings in Brussels – at the last so called ‘‘summit meeting’’, he even ruffled one female dignitary’s hair.

If he had done that to me, I’d have slapped his face, and I’m not even part of the Me Too movement!

From: Paul Morley, Ribblesdale Estate, Long Preston.

IF we were to have another referendum because Parliament is incapable of doing what over 17 million leave voters want, it would have to be arranged so that Brexiteers couldn’t win.

After all, if Leave voters triumphed again, do we think the whinging Remain supporters would shut up? No, they would want yet another people’s vote!

From: Glyn Gibson, Woodlands, Doncaster.

ACCORDING to some Remainers, a second referendum is called for as many Leave voters have died since the last one. The inference is that no remainers have died, therefore the result will be reversed. How’s that for twisted logic?

Let everyone enjoy shows

From: A Hart, Kippax.

I WRITE following recent correspondence about drinking “spoiling” shows.

My sister-in-law and I paid £50 each for tickets at Leeds Grand Theatre, and the evening was ruined by people who had been drinking before the show, then during the show.

This consequently meant people making trips to the toilet, making a noise etc.

When you pay out this amount of money for a couple of hours entertainment, then you expect to enjoy the evening!

It’s about time something was done to stop this behaviour.

Minister for homelessness

From: Max Nottingham, St Faith’s Street, Lincoln.

THE charity Shelter say that there are 320,000 people homeless in the country. It is a startling figure by any standards. Why don’t we have a 
government minister for homelessness?

Tracey Crouch MP, who resigned recently as Sports Minister over fixed odds betting terminals, might be a suitable candidate for the job, given her past work on the issue of loneliness.

No reward for loyalty

From: Hilary Andrews, Nursery Lane, Leeds.

THANK goodness the competition watchdog has finally decide that loyalty should be rewarded (The Yorkshire Post, December 20).

Every year I have to telephone my car insurance provider to ask why my premium has increased. I have even been advised to cancel my policy and reapply as a “new” customer. How crazy is that?