YP Letters: No defence for cruel and obnoxious fox hunts

From: Derek Russell, Aike, Driffield.

Should hunting be banned?

TIM Bonner and his like are so full of themselves they cannot see the real social picture when it comes to hunting (The Yorkshire Post, December 23).

The village I live in has experienced at first hand the cruel, obnoxious, atrocious and outdated ‘sporting’ activity carried out by these out-of-touch people.

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All polls carried out to date confirm the majority of people support a ban and are against fox hunting.

It has nothing to do with keeping at bay the number of foxes living in the countryside but more to do with their outdated traditions of dressing up and having a jolly with toffs that are wealthy enough to support this evil activity.

The fox is subjected to a cruel and exhausting pursuit to its death and is totally outnumbered. The odds of surviving a pursuit are stacked well and truly against it by people on horses and packs of hounds that know no difference.

The Countryside Alliance is right in saying that the current law needs amending as it is not working.

Correct, it needs a total ban of this evil activity.