YP Letters: No justice if jails offer rewards for criminals

From: Dave Croucher, Pinfold Gardens, Doncaster.

Should short-term prison sentences be scrapped?
Should short-term prison sentences be scrapped?

WHAT the hell is this Government thinking? Do they really think that rewarding criminals is going to deter them from reoffending?

In the past few weeks we have been told that there will be a landline phone installed in all cells, followed by the news that prisoners will be given a laptop apiece.

Now the Government is going to stop sending to jail anyone who is given less than a six-month sentence.

This is not a justice system, it’s a laughing stock.

No wonder the criminals are queuing up to get back in. No worries about expenses and bills, jobs and food prices. In fact put me down for one if Theresa May and Co have time – it reads better than any hotel I’ve been in.

From: Paul Morley, Ribblesdale Estate, Long Preston, Skipton.

DO the people advising this approach to prison have 
any idea how the system 
which they are supposed 
to be in charge of actually 

The majority of people 
who eventually receive 
a short prison sentence 
have already gone through 
every non-custodial option available.