YP Letters: No need to frack if our energy pipeline is secure

From: Steven M White, Great Edstone, York.

Anti-fracking demonstrators at Kirby Misperton.

SCAREMONGERING PR from fossil fuel frackers clearly has your correspondents Owen Ford and John Wetherell (The Yorkshire Post, January 10) fretting that we’ll freeze if we don’t frack.

But even our shale gas supporting Government has finally admitted that our energy supplies are secure for the next 20 years, whether or not the shale gas industry gets going.

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And how much gas could we get if we unleashed thousands of wells across rural Yorkshire?

According to the frackers’ latest research (April 2017), if we’re lucky it could be as much as three years’ worth. So we don’t have a problem, and even if we did fracking wouldn’t be the answer. Let’s not meekly offer up our National Parks – or anywhere else – in the mistaken belief it’s for the good of the nation. It isn’t.

From: Linda Lawson, Mill Lane, Foston on the Wolds.

I CANNOT understand why our Government is allowing fracking to happen, as what has happened in America is scary enough.

The public need to make themselves fully aware of the consequences of this invasive and dangerous practice and the Government need to be forced to ban fracking anywhere in the UK.

We are a small country, we need to treasure our countryside.