YP Letters: No one will argue that loss of sovereignty is a good thing

From: John Upex, Harrogate.

Brexit opponents gather at the Labour conference in Liverpool.

IT is notable that the EU apologists will discuss anything but the absolutely fundamental issue on Brexit – which is national sovereignty.

This country has been obliged to pass into British law thousands of EU directives without any option to amend or reject – and it is notable that all of these directives are now having to be formally passed into British law by a specific Act of Parliament in order that we can actually rescind them.

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It is notable that these apologists have ceased to believe that Britain should have joined the euro – as is explicit in the European project and which was avoided only by Britain obtaining an opt-out, an opt-out which will not be available if we are forced to rejoin the EU at some future date.

From: Peter Hyde, Driffield.

AS far as I can see, Theresa May wanted to remain in the EU and, quite naturally, slanted her plan to leave in such a manner that we remained, to some extent, a part of Europe.

It would be far better to get David Davis and Boris Johnson on side and rejig the plan so that they, too, will be prepared to fight for a fair deal that suits both sides and gets us out of the clutches of Brussels.

From: Derrick Bond, Shadwell.

SIR Vince Cable needs to be reminded that democracy means respecting the majority vote, not seeking to undermine and overturn the result of the referendum – the only ‘people’s vote’ that counts – because he isn’t happy with the outcome,

After every election, should we have a re-run so the aggrieved losers can try to get the result they want?

It appears that Sir Vince Cable’s assertion that the Liberal Democrats respect people of different views and creeds doesn’t extend to those who voted for Brexit.

It sounds more like an illiberal dictatorship than liberal democracy to me.

From: Stephen Megson, Leeds.

NO to a second referendum, people should abide by the democratic process and back Britain. We need to be free.

From: Coun Tim Mickleburgh (Lab), Grimsby.

ISN’T the main reason some say Jeremy Corybn is unelectable his own backbench MPs who have constantly opposed him? If the party had rallied behind him, Labour’s chances would be greater.