YP Letters: Our Oxbridge leadership has failed us, not the EU

From: Robert Reynolds, Cleckheaton, Huddersfield.

Can Theresa May survive as Prime Minsiter over Brexit?

I HAVEN’T commented on the national disaster called Brexit – until now. It’s quite clear, to myself, that this is not about taking back control. It’s about hating foreigners and our imperialist past.

Why any country should be proud of its empire, I do not know. Such relationships are based on the strong abusing the weak. As for control, control of what? The British people have never controlled their lives. Our common land was stolen by kings; our children forced to work in mines and factories; our Parliament ignored our plight and we fought and died in wars that made the rich more wealthy.

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So who will be taking back control? You can guess.

This Christmas tens of thousands of our people will again be living in squalor without any family home. Again our Parliament turns a blind eye. Be in no doubt, the “educated idiot” Cameron/Blair style of Oxbridge leadership has failed our country for decades. That is Britain’s greatest failure – not the EU.

From: Ken Cooke, Ilkley.

THE European Parliament approved a free trade agreement between Japan and the EU last week, covering 635 million people and almost one-third of the world’s economy.

Dubbed the world’s largest free trade agreement, the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement will remove duties on almost all agricultural and industrial products as well as open up the service sector and procurement.

Why would the UK want to walk away from the EU when such comprehensive deals are being achieved? And this is not simply about free trade, but about the ‘level playing field’ – fair business and employment conditions in partner countries.

What deals has Liam Fox got lined up for the UK in the event of a Brexit? Not one. Clearly we are much better off as a member of the EU. Stop Brexit!

From: Laurence J. Sowden, Far Lane, Kettlewell.

AM I the only person who is getting somewhat weary of the Remainers portraying me as some idiot who hasn’t the intelligence to understand what I was voting for? Believe it or not, I can read and write.

Plus I have the added advantage of not wearing blinkers and rose-tinted glasses manufactured in Germany to EU standards. It comes as no surprise that millions of people of working class backgrounds can see perfectly what is wrong with the EU while the intelligentsia are oblivious to what is happening around them.