YP Letters: Parliament was always going to have the last say on Brexit

From: Dave Lambert, Keighley.

What do you make of Theresa May's Brexit withdrawal plan?
What do you make of Theresa May's Brexit withdrawal plan?

I VOTED to Remain and I knew that whether the result was to Leave or Remain, that final decision would have to be agreed by MPs in Parliament.

This seems to be denied or not realised by many people who write to your newspaper and say it was a straight Leave or stay vote with no further discussions necessary.

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It seems to me that people who claim this are trying to pull the wool over our eyes.

I agree that, however people voted, they were not stupid but a lot of these claims seem to be fake news, trying to win the argument and not to get to the truth.

From: Ken Cooke, Ilkley.

Brexiteer logic once more from Gordon Lawrence (The Yorkshire Post, November 13), citing the “obdurate strategy of the EU”.

For 45 years, we have enjoyed the privileged cake of EU membership. Now the UK chooses to walk away and take the cake with it. Brexit started this futile row, not Brussels. Excuse my mirth.

Having our cake and eating it was never going to work, as Boris Johnson has eventually discovered.

Get over it, Brexiteers. Stop Brexit now!

From: Keith Banks, Ramsden Road, Doncaster.

Alan Chapman (The Yorkshire Post, November 9) thinks that the Channel 4 survey which suggested a majority of people now want to remain in the 
EU was too small to be trustworthy.

Perhaps we should have a larger one involving all the electorate. We could give it a catchy name like “The People’s Vote”.

From: David Rhodes, Bishopthorpe, York.

Each year I watch the televised Remembrance Service at the Cenotaph and wish others thought of those who fought for our freedom and the sovereignty of our Isles.

How come then that some “ex-leaders on parade” deign to grace the occasion when they wish the UK to be tied to the law and rule of the EU?

Could they explain their apparent contradictory logic and how their presence could be morally justified? Does their egotistical thinking believe that their being at the Cenotaph will somehow add more gravitas to the service?

If they had any honour they would have stayed away.