YP Letters: Passport row has shown Brexit opponents at their worst

From: Richard Hopwood, The Spinney, Brighouse.

Where should passports be produced when Britain leaves the EU?

THE ridiculous row over the new British passports being made in France has shown Remainers and Brexiteers alike at their worst.

For Remainers, it has presented the perfect opportunity to query the whole point of Brexit and to taunt Brexiteers by caricaturing them as little Englanders, horrified at the notion of a precious symbol of post-EU freedom being manufactured by our European neighbour – a trap that Karl Sheridan (The Yorkshire Post, March 26), like too many others, is all too happy to fall into.

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This decision will save British taxpayers £120m so how can it possibly be described as being a bad deal for Britain?

Any British company that wanted this business would have had to undercut their French rival in the spirit of competition, which is the whole point of the free and open market that must thrive after Britain has left the EU if Brexit is to be a success.

The global market which an independent Britain must now enter is no place for tired old Buy British campaigns. This is a deal which demonstrates that post-EU Britain will be open to the world and will not turn in on itself. For surely Brexit was never supposed to be about returning to the comfort blankets of old-fashioned protectionism and public-sector profligacy, at least not the Brexit that I voted for.

From: Jack Caley, Aldbrough, Hull.

THIS country is being slowly softened up to a situation like the Irish were – in other words, keep having a referendum until Europe gets it undemocratic 

Thankfully we are not in the euro, nor the Schengen Agreement – European disaster areas – and should steer clear of greater European federalism.

Seventeen million ordinary voters voted out.

Generally speaking, the will 
of ordinary people is usually right.

When political parties become obsolete, the electorate throws them out. Europe has slowly destroyed Italy, Greece and Spain.

It was well on the way to destroying many of our industries.

I have traded with Europe for more than 20 years, I saw the outstanding benefit that the Common Market provided, but it has developed into a monster, and is acting that way.

For that reason I think if there was another referendum, the majority would be increased because Europe has shown its true colours.