YP Letters: Patients must come before doctors' battle

From: Paul Morgan, Barton-Upon-Humber.

Striking junior doctors and their supporters.

LIKE many people my sympathies in this dispute have been towards the doctors. Until, that is, I read the letter from Dr Glyn Powell (The Yorkshire Post, April 25). How anyone in the medical profession can say that winning an industrial dispute is far more important than patient suffering or death beggars belief.

So that no one is in any doubt I quote from his letter: “The ends sought by the doctors far outweigh any collateral suffering or death in the immediate term.”

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No apology at all, patients are collateral damage. End of story. So much for being a caring profession.

From: Terry Marston, Lincoln.

I’D rather have a proper NHS than the seven days a week disaster that David Cameron thought up purely for electoral purposes.

The way things are going we won’t have either – is that why Jeremy Hunt is backing the doctors into a corner?

From: Ann May, Ilkley.

I AGREE with your Editorial (The Yorkshire Post, April 26) – the NHS is not a political football.

The Tories and Labour 
should be working together to help the junior doctors rather than scoring cheap points off each other.

Do others agree?