YP Letters: People can be worse than any seagull

From: John Collier, Lisvane Avenue, Scarborough.

Seagull mess in Scarborough.

WHILST I know that seagulls can be aggressive and I have had them swoop on me, I’d like to relate to you a story of what happened to me two weeks ago that shows how this has become another issue where priorities are all wrong.

I was sat in the town centre and my wife gave me the remains of her sandwich to feed to a few mixed birds that were gathering around my feet in expectation. As I was feeding them, a couple came up to me and told me in an aggressive manner I shouldn’t be feeding birds.

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Then came one of the most extraordinary things I’ve ever seen.

A woman in her twenties walked past eating a slice of pizza, followed by a crying child of about two-years-old.

Suddenly the woman spun around and threw the pizza at the child, it hit the child in the face and split in two.

Nobody said anything about the child being hit, only about the birds eating the remains of the pizza.

Needless to say I condemn in the strongest terms anyone shooting birds or any living creature with any weapon.

Toilets are a human right

From: Jean Thornton, Church Lane, Whitby.

SO school pupils have been stopped from using North Bay toilets in Scarborough.

This is absolutely appalling. It’s absolutely mean and a disgrace of the council. Nobody, in my opinion, have had to be turned away from using a toilet because of a having no money to pay, especially on an educational visit.

It’s the same here in Whitby, if you only have a £1 coin – hard lines, no change. It’s daylight robbery.

The council are never satisfied.

Going to the toilet is a necessity of nature, you can’t blame people using alleys as toilets because the price the council wants amounts to overcharging.

It is a totally unfair, wrong situation and should not be allowed. In fact there should be some sort of law about it.

Some have to go sugar free

From: Margaret Heaton, Harrogate.

AS a diabetic (no sugar, honey or glucose), I find local supermarkets unhelpful. The ‘free from’ aisles look promising, but a closer glance at the labels reveals nothing for me, and people like me.

Don’t forget there are three million people in the UK who are diabetics and probably as many more who are unrecognised. A pack of sugar-free biscuits for that afternoon cup of tea would be nice, but inquiries at some major chains confirms that they do not cater for the likes of us.

It would be good if more recognition was given locally to the needs of this quite large market.

Show cinema plan exit sign

From: Tom Lawson, Toll Bar, Doncaster.

I read of Doncaster Council’s decision to spend £10m of local authority money on a new cinema and restaurants in Waterdale.

How on earth is Doncaster Council going to make it work financially?

Saying it will generate 100 jobs and bring in £530,000 in business rates is only likely if there is any business!

Cinema audiences are capitulating as people switch to the many film streaming sites to watch at home on their massive TVs. Restaurants are closing and going bust at an alarming rate, and the empty modern retail units in Waterdale tell their own story.

Punish killers on the roads

From: Allan Ramsay, Radcliffe Moor Road, Radcliffe.

IF we can unite against terrorists, why can’t we unite against lawless drivers? What did the message ‘Kill Your Speed Not a Child’ achieve?

To remember eight-year-old Saffie Rose Roussos, the youngest victim of the Manchester Arena bombing, the Royal Horticultural Society has commissioned a special rose.

If we’re truly serious about making the UK a safer place for our children to grown up in, why don’t we create a special rose (tough enough to tolerate global warming) for every child that is killed by a lawless driver from this day forth?

I don’t want to go online

From: Marjorie Whitehead, Chapel Allerton, Leeds.

WHY is it assumed that everyone has a computer or whatever it is to go “online”?

There have been many occasions in the paper requesting donations to some cause or another when I could have responded, but there was no address, just www.... we don’t all have gadgets or tablets – well, not that kind anyway.

It’s quite infuriating. And don’t get me started on these automated answer phones with lots of options, none of which seems to be quite right.

Oh for a pleasant human voice answering the call with: “How may I help you?”

Alright, I’m living in the past, but life was simpler then and the only ‘on line’ thing was the washing.

Thanks for speaking out

From: Henry Cobden, Ilkley.

THANK you to The Yorkshire Post for becoming the official champion of rail commuters. You have done great work – and piled the pressure on Transport Secretary Chris Grayling.

Calling him ‘Macavity’ was inspired.

However just what have the Labour front bench done? Unlike their backbenchers, they haven’t been effective.