YP Letters: Praise for MP who listens over Brexit

From: Graham Wood, Poppleton.

Brexit continues to polarise opinion.

WHILST I do not agree with York MP Rachael Maskell’s position on Brexit, she is to be commended for her open invitation to the public to meet with her to discuss the issue.

By contrast, it is very difficult for York Outer constituents to find exactly where their Conservative MP Julian Sturdy stands on Brexit and particularly on the controversial and crucial EU Withdrawal Agreement.

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Whilst Mr Sturdy says that he “would encourage anyone who wishes to share their views with me to get in touch”, regrettably repeated emails from this constituent requesting clarity meet with a wall of silence.

Julian Sturdy, you should take a leaf out of Rachael’s book while you have time.

From: Phyllis Captstick, Hellfield.

ANY deal forged with the European Union will not be for the benefit of this country. We must not be at the mercy of such a corrupt and democratically void organisation.

This is our only chance to get back on to our feet and to make decisions specifically designed for the benefit of our people. We need to be free from the stranglehold that they have over us, and to be back in full control of our destiny.

We must all pull together and work hard to make this work.

From: Charles Haywood, Doncaster Road, Whitley, Goole.

NOW is the time to exit the EU, it is in turmoil but needs our money.

We do not need any trade deals – industry will get off their backsides and make their own deals. For years now our politicians have sat down and said ‘it’s OK Brussels, will sort it out’. Well the time has come for them to do what they are paid to do.

I believe the EU is doomed and will break up, unrest is starting and could easily break out into war. We are an island, detached from – and not part of – Europe.

From: John Turley, Dronfield Woodhouse.

I AM personally over £100 a month worse off since the Brexit vote due to low interest rates and depressed investments, and all opinion polls (which no doubt some Brexiteers will not believe) indicate that the vast majority of voters think that we will be worse off as a result of Brexit.

I respect the opinion of Brexiteers who consider that this is a price worth paying, but those who consider that we will be no worse off, or even better off, are deluding no one but themselves.

From: John Roberts, Wakefield.

THE EU is not Europe; I love Europe, not the EU. The rise of popularism and nationalism in Italy (Five Star), Germany (The Afd), and other places is a direct result of the EU.

What is happening in France at the moment is hardly a good advert for the EU, is it? Young people in Greece are pretty unhappy too. Please, let us just leave the wretched project in March – our children will thank us for it.

From: Alan Slomson, Leeds.

IS there a Brexiteer out there who will agree to buy my flat? Of course, I won’t tell you the price or let you look round it until you have made a binding agreement to buy it. There are over one million young people now on the electoral register who were not eligible to vote in the referendum. Is it democratic to deny these young people a say in the future of their country? They are likely to live for much longer than the average Brexiteer.

From: Mr PL Taylor, Milner Street, Lockwood, Huddersfield.

WHEN a Prime Minister declares an end date to their tenure in office, they lose their credibility and their authority. Surely it must make more sense to declare that end date much nearer to the time when they intend to resign?

From: Barrie Crowther, Walton, Wakefield.

SO £2bn for a no deal Brexit as opposed to £39bn for Theresa May’s deal? Surely no contest?

Why no drone protection?

From: Geoff North, Windsor Mount, Leeds.

THE lengthy disruption to flights at Gatwick caused by an industrial-type drone is absolutely appalling, but the authorities at Gatwick would appear to have been negligent in not having technical devices in place to counteract such a threat.

The risk of somebody deliberately targeting any of our airports with such a device should have been realised a long time ago and the airports lack of means to deal with it is appalling.

The Government also appear to have been very dilatory in getting any necessary legislation authorised to cover such an eventuality

Given that no apparent defence was in place, surely our military have devices that can bring down such a drone safely without harming anyone? The whole episode appears to have been an absolute shambles.

Ill wind blows over energy

From: Neil Richardson, Kirkheaton.

SHOULD sensible grown-ups (Natalie Bennett, The Yorkshire Post, December 19) concerned over climate talks ask about the impact of cold wintry days when no wind blows and turbines don’t turn?

Apparently, a Welsh coal-fired power station came to the rescue this month when we faced a 100 per cent probability that our lights would go out.

Ask elderly

From: Hilary Andrews, Nursery Lane, Leeds.

SO the Government has paid £26m to consultancy firms to reorganise the NHS. Any Yorkshire pensioner could do it far better – and for nowt.