YP Letters: Praise for our NHS staff delivering care and courtesy

From: LR Hirst, Northorpe, Mirfield.

Hospital staff deserve the respect of all.

ONCE again the problems of the NHS have raised their ugly head. I think by now we all know its problems, especially our two Labour MPs – Paula Sherriff (Dewbury) and Tracy Brabin (Batley & Spen). They have had much to say to the management of Mid Yorkshire Hospitals.

I suggest that they work a week both in A&E or reception; they would know a lot more to shout about on the floor of Parliament.

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My wife who is 85 years old and I (88-years-old this year) have nothing, but praise for our doctors and staff at our surgery, and also the A&E at the hospital when we have needed them, which is very rare because we never misuse them.

In November 2016, I became ill with the cold virus that seems to be going about, I tried to treat myself without any results and got worse. I telephoned our surgery and explained the situation, by lunchtime the doctor had called and prescribed antibiotics which did the trick.

She also suggested and arranged an x-ray to make sure everything was alright.

My wife unfortunately contracted the same virus about a fortnight after and has received the same courtesy and is on the way to full recovery, I have nothing but praise for the doctors and staff of the surgery and hospital.

From: Ray Marshall, Mirfield.

RE your article ‘NHS dragged back to 1960s as hospitals struggle with funding (The Yorkshire Post, February 1).

Very interesting by Chris Burn, but what about all the money we will have when we don’t pay these vast sums to the EU?

Don’t spend it on HS2. the current stations and rolling stock need updating, but hospitals must come first.

From: Don Webb, Rothwell.

WELL done Jayne Dowle for highlighting the plight of carers (The Yorkshire Post, January 30).

With the NHS and the care situation in total chaos, would you not think a Government with a little nous would make caring for the vulnerable by a family member or friend more appealing and give carers an amount that they can live on?

Caring is not just about looking after the elderly. I know someone who has cared for a relative with severe mental illness for over 30 years at great cost to their own health and wealth. They have not appeared on the honours list or even received a gold watch, but they wouldn’t, would they? After all, they did it for love and not for themselves.