YP Letters: Protect rail passengers by making strikes illegal

From: David Dunk, Nethergate, Nafferton, Driffield.

Should Transport Grayling have done more to stop the industrial action on the railways?

AS a consequence of the selfish industrial action by members of the RMT, the lives of hundreds of thousands of rail passengers have been, and continue to be, disrupted.

Furthermore the railway companies have been forced to agree the RMT’s exorbitant wage demands which, ultimately, rail passengers will have to pay for through increased rail fares.

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All this could have been so easily avoided if Transport Secretary Chris Grayling and his party had, during the years they had a majority in Parliament, introduced legislation prohibiting industrial action by employees engaged in the rail and other public services and requiring the parties to any dispute to submit to compulsory and binding arbitration.

But Mr Grayling and the Government have done nothing. Instead they seem content to sit back and watch the lives of many rail passengers being disrupted and collect the odd fine from rail companies failing to meet targets.

The Government’s failure to act is a disgrace as is that of Mr Grayling who, in his capacity as Transport Secretary, is responsible for the current mess.