YP Letters: Questions of democracy on Brexit outcome

From: Tony Vinette, Briarwood Drive, Wibsey, Bradford.

What would be the legitimacy of a second referendum on Brexit?

AS neither a staunch Leaver or Remainer, I have two, hopefully, relevant questions.

1. Should 326 fellow citizens (MPs) be able to negate a vote which was taken by over 33.5 million citizens?

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2. What would happen if a further referendum produced a vote to remain of 50.1 per cent against 49.9 per cent to leave the EU? Would this be seen as conclusive and definitive?

From: Mr A Davies, Augusta Park, Grimsby.

I AM appalled at Dai Woosnam’s letter (The Yorkshire Post, September 25).

The Polish people lost 
around six million lives during the course of the Second World War – out of a total population of some 30 million. That is about one in five.

Had we lost a similar proportion, some 10 million people would have perished.

From: A Hague, Leeds.

REMAIN supporters like your regular correspondent John Cole say the will of the people on Brexit has changed. Maybe, but the same can be said after a general election too.

It beggars belief what some Remainers will think up to try and destroy our democracy.