YP Letters: Rail stitch-up is dead end for those in the North

From: Peter Black, Rawdon.

I COULDN’T agree more with Tom Richmond on the accountability of rail chiefs (The Yorkshire Post, August 23).

The problem is that you’re flogging a dead horse.

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Transport Secretary Chirs Grayling.

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling and the rail bosses have got it all stitched up and there’s nothing that we, as Northerners, can do about it. And none of our elected representatives have the courage to take them to task.

Not an inch of HS2 rail has yet been laid, but the big four consultancies have hoovered up tens of millions.

Surprise surprise that PWC produced a favourable report for the Government recommending HS2. The whole of the Northern transport system (some 
would argue the UK transport system) is in disarray, but at 
least if you live in the South East or in London, taxpayers’ 
money is being thrown at the problem.

We in the North are being marginalised and there’s 
nothing at all we can do about it.

From: Thomas Reed, Harrogate.

COULD The Yorkshire Post publish details of what every 
MP in the area has done to 
solve the rail crisis?

If this was London, this situation would not have 
been allowed to go on for 
this long.