YP Letters: Railway chaos not just restricted to Yorkshire

From: Keith Hardy, Saxilby, Lincoln.

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling.
Transport Secretary Chris Grayling.

THANK you to Tom Richmond for excellent correspondence regarding our failed railways in the North, and the total negligence of Chris ‘Failing’ Grayling.

As a subscriber to The Yorkshire Post, nothing surprises me at the state of the railways. We have our own problems here in Lincolnshire.

Due to Northern’s continued strike action (which I agree with), the Doncaster to Lincoln line on a Saturday has been a joke with East Midlands Trains operating a single carriage.

The passengers have been standing in the guards 
part of the train, in the toilet, 
in fact everywhere from the 

The last two Saturdays, coinciding with Lincoln City home games, passengers at Saxilby have been left behind.

Also the one train running after 16.30, being the 19.32, has seen passengers left in Lincoln.

I have sent a letter to my local MP. Could you inform people of the current plight?

Many will be intending to travel to Lincoln this Saturday when Lincoln’s famous Christmas Market is being held.

Keep up the campaigning.