YP Letters: Rebellious Tories must fall in line over Brexit '“ or risk a Labour win

From: Mr JJ Whittington, Turnbull Court, Leeds.

Will the country get behind Theresa May over Brexit?
Will the country get behind Theresa May over Brexit?

As an elderly man who has been a Conservative follower all my adult life, it is quite disgraceful to see that there are so many MPs who are traitors to the Prime Minister.

They should be quite ashamed of their unbelievable behaviour.

We are asking Labour to 
win the next general election. Labour is unfit to govern our country. They are hopeless.

The referendum gave a 
clear mandate to leave the European Union so let us 
leave on March 29, 2019 but we must stop all this treachery against our Prime Minister.

We should all fall in line 
and agree with the agreement which has been made 
with the 27 European 

The Conservatives will be a joke unless they agree with our Prime Minister.

Is it the intention of all the Tory rebels to give away the country to Labour?

God help us all should we get a Labour government.

From: John Van der Gucht, Cross Hills, Keighley.

DIEHARD Leavers must be dismayed by the current impasse in Parliament. Even Brexiteer MPs are likely to vote down Theresa May’s deal, and could settle for staying in the EU.

A recent letter (The Yorkshire Post, November 26) claims a ‘conspiracy’, while another still seems to think we can still have ‘our cake and eat it’.

One even hankers for the ‘halcyon’ pre-Common Market days. I am nearly 70, and I remember them well. Strikes, fuel shortages, ‘stagflation’.

The only conspiracy has been that of Brexiteers hoodwinking people into believing everything would be fine and dandy if we left the EU, but who never offered a plausible post-Brexit policy other than wanting ‘frictionless trade’.

Trade was the clincher when we joined, and is still now.

Yes, fishermen got a poor deal, but outside our livestock farmers, most of industry would be hugely disadvantaged. Sovereignty?

As a great nation, we always won through due to our skill at forming alliances – Waterloo, both World Wars, the Cold War. We would be better staying in the EU.

From: Albert Cringe, Hessle, Hull.

BARNIER, Juncker, Tusk. Not one of these three qualifies as a benevolent Father Christmas after their disappointing Brexit present. Likewise, are they seriously to be considered as being the Three Wise Men?