YP Letters: A Remainer trying to thwart democratic wishes of people

From: John King, Thurgoland, Sheffield.

Sir Keir Starmer is the Shadow Brexit Secretary.
Sir Keir Starmer is the Shadow Brexit Secretary.

HAVING watched parts of Labour’s conference, it has become very clear that it is no longer a democratic party. Sir Keir Starmer, an obvious Remainer, is trying every possible means to prevent the democratic wishes of the people being carried out (The Yorkshire Post, September 26).

I keep hearing the Remoaners saying that people have changed their minds and would in a second referendum vote to remain. Well, in the circles that I move, even those who voted Remain are now beginning to see the light and would now vote very strongly for Brexit.

The EU is trying to keep the UK in the United States of Europe so as to keep the money flowing into its coffers, and keep us under its thumb.

Meanwhile it now appears that the EU is using the Irish border issue to block a Brexit deal, or is it that the Irish are creating obstacles so as to create a United Ireland with the aid of the EU? There is a bit of both. This could backfire as the UK is the largest importer of Irish produce, and should this meddling cause a hard Brexit, Ireland will be the net loser.

From: A J A Smith, Cowling, West Yorkshire.

LORD Haskins, a lifelong committed Europhile, calls for a second EU referendum (‘Vote for status quo over Brexit economic chaos’, The Yorkshire Post, September 24).

If a second referendum should take place, but does not meet his preferred outcome, can we expect his lordship to call for the best of three? Or, in true EU fashion, can we expect him to demand we keep on voting until we arrive at his desired outcome?

From: David Gray, Liversedge.

THE reports of the Labour conference that the media are providing make it obvious that the Labour party is not interested in being the Government of the UK. All they appear to desire is to remove the Conservatives from office and then hand the UK over to the EU and its unelected officers who have declared that they wish to introduce more central control.

From: Ruthven Urquhart, High Hunsley, Cottingham.

DURING these turbulent times, perhaps our steadfast and sincere PM should be reminded of one of Winston Churchill’s most succinct sayings. “Politics is almost as exciting as war and quite as dangerous. In war you can only be killed once but in politics many times,” he said.