YP Letters: Risk that Brexit would make our products uncompetitive

From: Les Parkes, Harrogate.

Brexit continues to polarise opinion.
Brexit continues to polarise opinion.

I CAN never understand why so many of our MPs are keen to leave the EU. Surely they must know that the cost of shipping materials to the Far East will make our product uncompetitive and of course we cannot compete with local labour rates.

At last the entrepreneur Sir James Dyson has realised he has to have his products manufactured in Singapore to be competitive. I would be grateful if my MP Andrew Jones could explain to me how we can compete with local suppliers in the Far East. We are so connected with the EU that in many areas we face a disaster if we leave. The car industry is a good example and I would be grateful if one of our MPs would explain how the car industry will overcome the problems.

From: Richard Hassall, Knaresborough.

WE now know that the Leave campaign broke electoral law in the 2016 referendum campaign and have received heavy fines in consequence. The argument that Leave would have won anyway is irrelevant, since we cannot know whether that is true. Such an argument would cut no ice in most sports.

Perhaps Lance Armstrong would have won the Tour de France without the aid of illicit drugs, but it was obviously right that he was disqualified anyway.

One has to wonder how much faith people will have in democracy in future, knowing that an enormous constitutional change can be implemented only because of a referendum won by a narrow majority following proven law-breaking by the winning side.

From: Phyllis Capstick, Hellifield.

AS I see it, the result of a vote by the people for the people defines democratic law.

How is it then that our MPs are refusing to allow the result of a democratic vote by the people of this country, and that was a no deal Brexit, to stand? That is the Brexit that was voted for.

The only way they will get out of complying with democratic law, as it stands, is to employ their usual conniving skulduggery once again.

If they don’t like the truth, then they will change the truth to suit themselves, and not for the benefit of the people of this country.

From: Ruthven Urquhart, High Hunsley, Cottingham.

IT is a sad yet increasingly evident fact that the word loyalty does not now seem to feature in the vocabulary of many MPs. Also, overpaid and greedy footballers are often guilty of the same lack of allegiance.