YP Letters: Roads weren't built for today's traffic levels

From: D Marston, Harrogate.

THE never ending tales of potholes on the highways will still be making headlines in 20 years time as the roads were never built to withstand the volume of traffic they have to take.

Most roads were built when wagons weighed 10 tonnes and passing cars numbered only hundreds per day.

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Now, wagons are up to 44 tonnes in weight and cars to hundreds per hour.

I am unhappy to say, in my opinion after 45 years in the construction industry working on highway projects, this problem will never end and will get even worse.

From: Mike Goodman, Hampsthwaite.

THE pothole on the A59 entering Harrogate managed to do over £2,000 worth of damage to my car, requiring a new alloy wheel, tyre and steering alignment.

I have claimed against North Yorkshire County Counci, but I’m not optimistic, since their website states that 87 per cent of claims for damages from the public are rejected!

From: A Morris, Harrogate.

OUR road – Fulwith Mill Lane – gets worse every year and is a danger to walkers, riders and cyclists. I have had friends refusing to come down our road.