YP Letters: Royal Mail doing its best to shoot itself in foot

From: Frank Bond, Chairman, Moss and District Parish Council.

Does the Royal Mail do enough to support rural areas?

WITH reference to your Editorial headline ‘Rural indifference’ (The Yorkshire Post, September 25) and Lorna Macdonald’s letter (September 27) on letter writing, it would appear that the Royal Mail is trying its best to shoot itself in the foot.

In April, the letter box in Fenwick was stolen and reported to Royal Mail.

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Subsequently, on contacting Royal Mail to enquire when a replacement would be 
installed, we were informed “the current facilities in the area already meet our requirements and a new post box isn’t warranted”.

The stolen post box, when first installed, must have been deemed “ warranted” to serve the 26 properties that existed in Fenwick.

Since then a further 24 properties have been built, 
but now it is not deemed warranted.

The nearest post boxes 
are between two and three 
miles away and, since we do 
not have any public transport, 
it is necessary to get the car 
out to go and post a letter.

While the Royal Mail is satisfied its criteria has been met, ours certainly hasn’t!

Rural indifference seems to 
be supported by the Royal 
Mail but letter writing is