YP Letters: Scaremongering over holiday costs if we quit the EU

From: Sergi Singh, Chamberlain Road, Hull.

David Cameron is accused of not standing up for Britain's best interests.

A FEW days ago, the Government were telling us that holidays abroad would be far more expensive if we left the EU 
via Brexit. It was a call echoed by the “budget” and low cost airlines.

Those of us on the leave side said such claims were nothing more than scaremongering.

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We now discover that the usual holiday resorts in France, Germany and so on are being shunned by holiday makers because of anticipated trouble from the vast numbers of refugees and immigrants in those nations, and we are choosing holidays in lesser-known places around Europe instead.

And guess what? These places are actually cheaper, and the airlines are flying holiday makers there.

As we who want freedom 
and democracy returned by leaving the EU have said all 
along, it is market forces and demand which would drive the holiday firms and not the other way around.

From: Nick Martinek, Briarlyn Road, Huddersfield.

I HOPE I can reassure the Lib Dem peer Lord Wallace (The Yorkshire Post, April 4) that, after we leave the EU, his “kith and kin” in Europe will still be there, ready and waiting for him to visit.

Why? Because we are leaving a political arrangement (the EU) not re-arranging geography or personal friendships. Talking of friendship, he seems to have gained the false impression that the Leave campaign think the European continent is populated by hostile foreigners. Quite the reverse. It is the Remain camp which claims that Europe is populated by foreigners who are so hostile they will not do a trade deal with the UK after we leave.

As for his contention that the underlying issue is national identity – no, it’s not. It is about independence. We want the same as the more than 60 countries which gained independence from the British Empire – being able to democratically control our own government directly, running our own country ourselves.

From: Coln McNamee, Goddard Avenue, Hull.

GIVEN the much repeated PR line by Prime Minister Cameron of voting to leave the European Union is a “leap into the dark”, I would take issue with his reasoning. Far from a leap into the dark from the confines of the diminishing European Union, since the UK joined in 1973 the EU percentage share of global GDP has more than halved, the leap into the unknown would be to follow his view and remain in the EU.