YP Letters: Selfish drivers out in force for Bank Holiday

From: Simon Foster, Beverley.

Are speed cameras a safety deterrent?

HAVING travelled from Beverley to York and back on the A1079 on two occasions over the Bank Holiday weekend, and along the A164, it is very evident that careless and selfish driving continues to blight our increasingly busy roads.

There will always be agricultural vehicles using these roads and that should be a consideration for drivers who become so impatient.

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To my knowledge there were a number of serious collisions on these roads over this short period and one wonders whether people will ever understand that driving sensibly and with due care and attention is a given.

Do drivers sufficiently respect farm vehicles on roads like the A1079 near Beverley?

Sadly tailgating, speeding and particularly dangerous overtaking manoeuvres are increasingly commonplace.

There seems to be no easy answer to reducing road collisions, serious injuries and the sad loss of life.

The speed cameras along the A1079 are seemingly not a deterrent.

From: Canon Michael Storey, Healey Wood Road, Brighouse

This newspaper’s coverage of the Tour De Yorkshire has been very good. However, the wording beneath the photograph of Haworth (The Yorkshire Post, May 2) would have been improved with the correct word “setts” rather than “cobbles”.