YP Letters: Shameful sight of litter along our main routes

From: Pat Armstrong, Hall Bank Drive, Bingley.

What should be done about discarded litter and its blight on Yorkshire communities?

IN response to Wendy Hamilton’s ‘Welcome to Yorkshire’ letter about litter in Doncaster, it’s everywhere. All the major routes are litter- strewn.

The worst I’ve seen so far is the A64, it is disgusting. No doubt readers will know worse.

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Also railway routes have their fair share of litter and graffiti.

I can understand the rail companies not being able to do much where the line is in a public area, but the rubbish that’s at the bottom of someone’s garden or near a factory must come from there.

We know streets won’t be cleaned as they used to be, so perhaps everyone should take responsibility for keeping their frontage clean, whether it is commercial or residential property.

It’s so easy to put rubbish 
in a bin, but people are lazy and can’t be bothered.

Let’s get some pride 
back in to the community.