YP Letters: Some plain Yorkshire speaking about the Tour

From Pete Webb, Leeds.

Day two of the Tour de Yorkshire from Barnsley to Ilkley.
Day two of the Tour de Yorkshire from Barnsley to Ilkley.

FRANCE, Italy and Spain all have great cycle races and all use their own language for the title of the races. It’s time the Tour de Yorkshire became the Tour of Yorkshire and the Cote de this and that went.

Can you find the ‘cote de Sutton Bank’ on an OS map? No you can’t, neither can someone who would like to visit the place. It’s time the Tour de Yorkshire was given a Yorkshire identity. Promote Yorkshire, rather than pretend it is something it’s not.

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From: John D Hill, Moor Ley, Birdwell, Barnsley.

IN our house, whenever we hear someone making wildly optimistic forecasts or remarks, someone will always add the suffix “Said Sir Gary Verity”.

His latest pronouncement that 2.6 million people (The Yorkshire Post, May 7) turned out to watch the latest Tour de Yorkshire is based on what, exactly? That equates to half the population of Yorkshire as a whole, or the combined population of West and North Yorkshire. The entire population of Leeds, Bradford, Halifax, Huddersfield, Wakefield, York, Harrogate and all places in between. I don’t believe it.

Plenty of people were in Barnsley – but they were all there to watch the cycling, not to shop. I’m told the market traders had a terrible day.