YP Letters: Stop the NHS waste if you need money

From: Alan Chapman, Beck Lane, Bingley.

Will Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt stop the unnecessary waste of NHS resources?

“BRUTAL” NHS cuts that threaten public outcry, say doctors (The Yorkshire Post, July 29). Socialist doctors bleating yet again for more funds. Cuts would not be contemplated if significant waste in the NHS was reduced!

I am a supporter of the NHS, and want to relate my experiences.

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Medically the service had been brilliant for me, but quite disappointing when it comes to administration.

Being admitted to hospital for a third urology operation went well, the outcome successful. Departing the ward, I was given special supplies to last a week, before returning for catheter removal.

Within three days back home, a large box arrived full of extra medical equipment I did not require, so I returned it to the same urology ward.

They were not allowed to take it back, it was unopened just as it had arrived. They suggested asking the district nursing team to use it.

Next a large black poly bag turned up, repeating the contents of the previous box.

I contacted the local district nursing team, but rules forbid them accepting unopened returns.

I pointed out the considerable waste, the staff agreed saying it drove them mad and hoped I would report the waste to a higher authority that might see sense.

The NHS does not need more public funds to waste, but better administration.

If farmer isn’t green, who is?

From: Gordon Hawcroft, Holme on Spalding Moor.

SARAH Todd is one of us, she’s a farmer’s daughter and we love her (The Yorkshire Post, July 29).

But for a country lass she has some surprising views. She has an obvious indifference to conservation: “If a farmer isn’t in the black he can’t go green.” And more worryingly: “Hugging trees isn’t so easy if you’ve got cows to milk.” As an ambassador for the countryside, Sarah should be empowering green initiatives.

Being a farmer is precisely why you should “hug trees and plant a wildflower meadow.”

From: Ann Petherick, Scarcroft Hill, York.

FOOD prices v animal welfare. Well done to Sarah Todd – a well-argued piece on the need for vigilance with animal welfare.

Going to war on bad movie

From: Jim Rayner, Formerly of North Yorkshire (1944-1947), Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

HUGH Sebag-Montefiore was quite lenient with his critical comments on the screen adaptation of Dunkirk and the so called acting (The Yorkshire Post, July 29).

I went to this movie in Canada no less, looking for the quality that was in full view in the movie, The Battle of Britain, done many years ago now.

Unfortunately, nothing of the kind was evident in the production of Dunkirk.

Very sad.

I think someone should call it for what it is...a low quality second rate film that does not deserve anything in the way or accolades and I most assuredly do not want to see any award nominations for this piece of poor quality film.

Rugby left out by developers

From: Bill Rees, Wakefield.

JENNY Layfield (The Yorkshire Post, July 31) wrote an interesting article about cultural developments in Wakefield, and the city no doubt has much to be proud of.

But what it can’t be proud of is turning its back on what, in cultural and sporting terms, has been the jewel in its crown since 1873, and that is Wakefield Trinity Rugby League club.

The inability of the local authority to make any progress on developing a much-needed new stadium is a disgrace that should make council leader 
Peter Box hang his head in shame.

The club, which has had its best season for many years, now seems to be in real danger of leaving the city of Wakefield for greener pastures elsewhere and the local politicians seem content to let it happen.

What on earth is the matter with them?

Blame voters for price rises

From: Hugh Rogers, Messingham Road, Ashby.

I WONDER how many representatives of so-called “consumer rights groups” and other fuel price complainers failed to support the Government in the last election, thereby denying the Prime Minister the Parliamentary muscle which she needed in order to fulfil her manifesto promise to ‘cap’ energy prices immediately.

In my opinion, any aggrieved British Gas customers who voted Labour have only themselves to blame (The Yorkshire Post, August 2).

Bring back the birch

From: Mrs J Wolfe, Sutherland Road, Lightcliffe, Halifax.

IT’S high time we brought the birch back for acts of sheer vandalism – I’m sure some of the dedicated men who have spent many hours working on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway would be pleased to administer it!

Can’t we turn EU clock back?

From: Barrie Crowther, Walton, Wakefield.

WHY all the problems over the single market? When we joined the so called Common Market in 1973, the sole aim was to remove all barriers to trade. Presumably this paperwork or agreement still exists? Is it too hard for the negotiators to revert back?