YP Letters: Taxpayers foot bill as utility firms wreck roads and cause pothole havoc

From: John R Blundell, Matterdale Road, Dewsbury.

Should utility companies pay for pothole repairs?
Should utility companies pay for pothole repairs?

WE hear constantly that the pothole problem on our roads is because of Government cuts in the funding that local authorities receive. I have a problem with this statement.

Is it not the responsibility of the local authority highways department to approve that the rectification work is up to standard following excavation work by the utilities and others?

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If not, they have the power to force the work to be redone at the time or some time in the future if found to be inadequate.

These companies and their sub-contractors are fully aware that the local authority employees do not have the time or expertise to do this inspection. The roads deteriorate and it falls upon the local authority to repair the roads using council tax to pay for this remedial work or not, as is the current case, citing Government cuts as the reason.

It is time that local authorities ensured that the roads are put back to perfect condition after excavation work, and not being allowed to deteriorate and costing taxpayers money to pay for these repairs while utility firms make huge profits.

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