YP Letters: There is no way back from Brexit without humiliation

From: Thomas W Jefferson, Batty Lane, Howden, Goole.

Can Theresa May deliver Brexit?

LORD Haskins has failed to make a realistic assessment of the Brexit conundrum (The Yorkshire Post, September 24), because he is relying on a status quo that has ceased to exist!

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Even if a further referendum voted to Remain, we cannot expect to just slip back into the EU as if nothing has happened.

Withdrawing our Article 50 notice would require a European Court of Justice ruling and would be denied, because it is more of a political court than a legal court, and it will suit the EU to extract significant concessions from us before allowing us back in. That could best be done during an extension of our notice period, during which we would suffer ritual humiliation as a lesson to the others.

We can spare ourselves the indignity of any of that by doing what we should have done from the outset: go for a Canada-style free trade agreement (as advocated by David Davis many months ago). The problem of the Irish border can – and will – be settled by negotiations in good faith. Such a solution, previously offered by the EU, will be carried by Parliament and there will be no need for another referendum.

From: Terry Watson, Adel.

THE EU negotiators are accused of acting like bullies in their treatment of Theresa May and her Chequers plan.

Unfortunately, she has brought it on herself. Her subservient attitude from day one has only encouraged them to treat her with contempt, and made Britain look foolish. Her offer of £39bn at the start of negotiations was a big mistake as legally they are entitled to nothing, and that’s what they would have got if Marharet Thatcher had been negotiating.

Her delay in triggering Article 50 showed weakness, and should have been done as soon as the referendum result was known.

As the Chequers plan is finished, the Prime Minister should make it clear that future meetings are pointless and we will trade under WTO rules. We must call their bluff.

From: Barry Foster, High Stakesby, Whitby.

THE reason for the Brexit upset is quite simple. The EU simply do not want us to leave. Think of all the billions they will have to forfeit. Plus other countries will be bound to follow in the years to come. The EU are sure to make life difficult for us.

There is no alternative as can be seen by the Labour conference this week. I do not want to be ruled by trade union bosses. Get behind the PM so she can get on with the job.