YP Letters: Theresa May undermined as she attempts to meet Brexit challenge

From: David Downs, Sandal Wakefield.

Does Theresa May deserve more credit for her handling of Brexit? One reader thinks so.
Does Theresa May deserve more credit for her handling of Brexit? One reader thinks so.

I RESPOND to Jayne Dowle’s naïve article “May spoke only for her party not to the rest of us” (The Yorkshire Post, October 4).

Her statement that the PM’s speech was “an opportunity for the Conservatives to talk to other Conservatives and, in some cases openly display their visceral hatred for each other”, is nothing when compared to the antics of the Labour party where many of their MPs are scared to death of deselection if they dare voice any criticism of their leader and his left-wing policies.

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Theresa May, as PM, inherited the most difficult political issue – Brexit – in my living memory.

Her negotiating positions have been constantly undermined, yes by some in her own party, but also by Jeremy Corbyn who has made it known he will not approve “any” agreement the PM puts to Parliament following her final negotiations.

From: Brian Johnston, Leeds.

JEREMY Corbyn boasts that capitalism has had its day, and that the future is socialism. Now where have we heard that before? Mr Corbyn, what’s wrong with making money? Socialism has been rejected the world over.

Since the Government reduced the top rate of tax from 50 to 40 per cent, tax revenue has increased. Socialists just can’t fathom that one. Tax paid by the top one per cent is responsible for 28 per cent of all revenue.

From: R Hartley, Leeds.

JOHN Turley (The Yorkshire Post, October 9) is not a financier so would he or any true financier have been able to give details of how much it would cost to leave the EU? What we know for a fact is that the money we sent there was a net contribution and once we’ve finally left, all that money can be spent here as needed – and without being syphoned off into an unaudited, unaccountable EU fund.

From: Mr L Brook, Rothwell, Leeds.

RATHER than a “part in and part out” Brexit, we should have immediately arranged to leave with absolutely no deal and no more payments of any kind.

From: Thomas Reed, Harrogate.

DUP leader Arlene Foster (The Yorkshire Post, October 10) should be barred from Brexit negotiations until she and 
her party have revived the Stormont power-sharing assembly in Northern Ireland, and which can then negotiate 
on NI’s behalf.