YP Letters: Theresa May's surrender to EU shows a contempt for democracy

From: Keith Punshon, Willow Bridge Lane, Dalton, Thirsk.

Will Theresa May's Brexit deal be passed through Parliament?

WELL, here it is. At long last, and after two years of negotiation, Brexit means surrender. The Brexit political declaration brought back by Theresa May is as deceptive and worthless as that brought back to this country by Neville Chamberlain.

If we approve the Brexit Withdrawal Treaty, we must know that it is legally binding, but the vague promises of the future are worthless. They are not binding.

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There is no incentive for the EU to offer anything of value to us in future. There is nothing that they could gain. They have achieved what they want.

President Macron has already said that unless we accede to his demands on fishing rights in our waters, he would activate the backstop.

If Spain does not get co-sovereignty over Gibraltar, they would activate the backstop. Any country in the EU could wring further concessions from the UK.

For example, we might be forced to accept freedom of movement for their workers if we want frictionless trade. If the price of that is to keep Northern Ireland locked into the EU, what would a Corbyn government do? The backstop is a surrender of sovereignty.

We then lose Northern Ireland, our Union and Gibraltar, our fishing grounds and therefore our democracy.

The promises made by the Government in the leaflets sent to every home in the country before the referendum said that we would take the final decision for a generation. The campaigns spelt out what that would mean including leaving the Customs Union and the Single Market.

Now we know the truth of our democracy. It is held in contempt by our leaders.

From: Betty Henry, Larchfield Road, Doncaster.

CALL off the whips and give MPs a free vote on Theresa May’s offering. Here’s to the next election and a chance to get rid of the loud-mouthed time-wasters from all parties, who are plaguing us at present.

From: Peter Hyde, Driffield.

I HAVE come to the conclusion that Boris Johnson is a self-serving clown.

He is clearly unfit to be PM and, if he wishes to be taken seriously, he should learn 
to keep his mouth closed and 
act more like an adult instead 
of fooling about and causing trouble for those who are trying to lead us.

Of all those who are trying to arrange a good deal in our exit from the EU, Boris is the one fool who is the least competent.