YP Letters: Time to ban drivers who use phones at wheel

From: D S Boyes, Upper Rodley, Leeds.

Tougher penalties for motorists who use their mobile phones while behind the wheel don't go far enough according to one letter writer. Do you agree? Pictured posed by model.

ISN’T it time for more positive action by the Government to halt the carnage on our roads caused by the distraction of mobile phones?

The suggestions of Chris Grayling, our wishy-washy Transport Secretary, simply don’t go far enough. Use of a mobile phone while driving should be like drink driving, an automatic ban for three months for first offence, increasing on subsequent ones.

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Once lauded as a useful business tool, these phones 
are a menace to road safety, whether hand-held or 

I speak from years of experience as both an employed driver and as a haulier, and know that there is nothing that takes your mind off safe driving more than being berated by an irate boss, or a customer demanding a quote or a supplier trying to sell you something not wanted or needed while you are battling the M25 rush hour traffic.

Making or receiving calls or texts while at the wheel should be outlawed with drivers 
having to pull over at the first safe place to stop before dealing with them.

Voicemail would store up any outstanding ones.

Things are so out of hand that only a short sharp shock, as I suggest, will make any difference.