YP Letters: Time to pay our way if we want the NHS to be there for us

From: Barry Foster, High Stakesby, Whitby.

The future of the NHS is under debate.
The future of the NHS is under debate.

IT really is time that we ought to be increasing tax to cover the costs of our NHS. Even £1 each would bring in much-needed assistance (Niall Dickson, The Yorkshire Post, May 24).

Additionally, the time has certainly come for us older people to pay a nominal charge towards bus fares. We are losing many services, so surely this would be a sensible move? Most of the time I leave my pass at home and pay.

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There is money available – one has only to look at the overloaded supermarket trolleys to confirm this.

From: Paul Muller, Sandal, Wakefield.

IN response to Niall Dickson, I have worked in the NHS since 1956, eventually as a consultant surgeon. All my career I have worked to introduce better treatments for my patients so that they could have a happier and longer life. That is the main function of the NHS.

As we become older our bodies and brains deteriorate and eventually we die. That is perfectly natural. So many of us will require help and care as we become infirm, if there is no one in our family to care for us.

Many of the hospital beds that have been closed must be opened for the patients waiting in A+E. We must increase the funding for the NHS, as well as care and nursing homes.

Get rid of the surplus managers – that would save millions because they are overpaid.

From: Andrew Mercer, Guiseley.

HOW will the NHS app proposed by Alan Mak (The Yorkshire Post, May 25) help people who don’t have iPhones, can’t afford one or can’t utilise digital technology because broadband coverage is so poor? Has he been back to his county of Yorkshire recently?

From: Henry Cobden, Ilkley.

HERE’S one way to help the NHS. Get rid of Chris Grayling and ensure the trains run on time. If this happened, I suggest there would be a lot less people requiring time off for treatment for stress.

From: Ann Dixon, Horsforth.

POPPED up to Wharfedale Hospital in Otley last week for a test. A superb facility – but totally under-used and a huge burden to taxpayers because it was built under PFI. Couldn’t more services be relocated there to ease the burden on the main hospitals in Leeds which can’t cope?