YP Letters: Time for a People's Vote as Brexit campaigners go missing

From: Anthony Gledhill, Roundhay, Leeds.

Brexit continues to polarise opinion.

IN response to your recent extensive coverage of Brexit, enough is enough. Where are the leaders of the Brexit campaign now? The leaders of the referendum, David Cameron and Nigel Farage, left the campaign as soon as votes were counted.

David Davis and Boris Johnson resigned when the going got tough. The Cabinet decided their views were not in the national interest. The four key posts of the Government are all held by Ministers who voted Remain – Theresa May, Philip Hammond, Sajid Javid and Jeremy Hunt – now leading the country into Brexit. Parliament is unable to agree on Brexit. The British people need, and should demand, of their MPs, a “People’s Vote” so they can choose between the final Brexit deal or remaining in the EU.

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From: DM Loxley, Hartoft, Pickering.

MY word the Remainers are showing their panic now. We held a referendum on June 23, 2016, with the question, basically, Leave or Remain. Leave won on a simple majority of 3·8 per cent. The Remainers are now whinging that this does not represent ‘the true feeling of the electorate’. The snowflakes are in meltdown.

From: Terry Wright, Bempton Lane, Flamborough.

JOHN Cole pontificates about democracy in his usual tirade about Brexit when he does not appear know the definition of the word (The Yorkshire Post, July 26). We have had a referendum a vote to leave the EU he wants a vote until he gets the result he, and his like, want. Mr Cole and his supporters must realise the facts – they lost and move on to get the best deal we can.

From: Arthur Quarmby, Mill Moor Road, Meltham.

YOU don’t start a bargaining session by offering your opponents your weakest position and hoping that they will respond in kind. No – you don’t do that or the opposition will will respond by seeking to weaken you still further (Tom Lees, The Yorkshire Post, July 30).

From: Pauline Barker, Easingwold

NOW that Theresa May’s EU advisor Olly Robbins has been officially given the power to sabotage the democratic referendum result, we might as well go the whole hog and demolish the war memorials dedicated to those who gave their lives to protect our freedom.