YP Letters: Tories need to find a winning team who can pull together

From: John Redfearn, Whitby Road, Pickering.

Can the Government deliver Brexit?

AFTER reading Bernard Ingham’s article (The Yorkshire Post, October 25) regarding the present Conservative government, I am prompted to write about the same situation.

Straight away, I thought of sports teams and how they all pull together with the object of winning, regardless of individual team members own likes and dislikes.

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The English cricket team, led by a Yorkshireman on its way to Australia, the Lions rugby team and the Davis Cup tennis team. All aim to win, not fall out with each other.

If the Conservative members of Parliament could think of themselves as a team and all pull together under whichever leader is in place, the possibility of Jeremy Corbyn and his left wing party becoming the government will be diminished.

Peter Bould (The Yorkshire Post, October 18) would like to see more Northern MPs in government. We have Members such as Rishi Sunak who took William Hague’s place and Anne-Marie Trevelyan in the North East, who gets things done. Then there is Guy Opperman the Pensions Minister and, in the North West, Seema Kennedy, a successful businesswoman.

Perhaps with new faces around the table, progress on the home front as well as Brexit may be made. As for who is to be leader, I was impressed with Amber Rudd when she was interviewed by the BBC’s Andrew Marr. She was clear and forceful. Then there is the thoughtful Jacob Rees-Mogg.

I have never known a Parliament in such disarray. Another Yorkshireman I respected was Harold Wilson, but not Edward Heath who got us into this mess in the first place.

From: Les Bloom, Grove Court, Pudsey.

BUSINESS and financial negotiations are more likely to be conducted in private and within four walls, without the flood-lights and loud-hailers which surround Theresa May and her team in the Brexit talks.

Europe has its fair share of unreliable journalists and less than leak-proof politicians, to provide the media with headlines. Let’s give our team of negotiators a fair chance in this ‘never, ever before’ arena.

From: Andrew Mercer, Guiseley.

WHY are experienced trade negotiators from business not helping the Government with Brexit and supporting Theresa May’s diplomats? She needs all the help she can get.