YP Letters: Tour can celebrate all corners of Yorkshire

From: Edward Grainger, Botany Way, Nunthorpe, Middlesbrough.

The Tour de Yorkshire makes its way from Middlesbrough to Scarborough in 2016.

DAVE Ellis (The Yorkshire Post, June 11) with his request 
for the Tour de Yorkshire to 
visit the village communities 
on the east side of Hull will find, as I found, Sir Gary Verity receptive to moving the Tour around all parts of Yorkshire. When I met Sir Gary at the Scarborough Cricket Festival a few years ago, he revealed that my request for the Tour to either start a stage or finish one in Middlesbrough was being planned.

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And very successful it was, as Middlesbrough proved on the day that its residents regard themselves as being Yorkshire folk living just south of the River Tees – despite attempts over the years to move us first into Teeside and then be further blended by governments.

I have gone on record in The Yorkshire Post’s correspondence columns with a request for the Tour to come again to Middlesbrough and end the stage in Scarborough or vice versa to include those areas between Whitby and Redcar/Saltburn, Boulby and Saltburn to test the riders.

All of this of course just proves what a large county Yorkshire is when still there are large areas of the Broad Acres yet to be visited by the young, fit men and women in Lycra.